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Oct 27, 2011
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Hi has anybody tried the Gelish Hard Gel ? Xxx

I am about to purchase a led lamp for my Gelish and thought I might try their Gel too !
I would like to no also, I do my gelish course on the 30th may and was thinking about there ghg gel conversion course as I did exflow before, I can't seem to find a price on it x
I learned with a salon using Ghg here in iceland and i love it:)

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I am doing the GHG conversion course in about 2 weeks! I already use gelish and love it!
I am doing the evolution course which is roughly £180 but then you need the kit too.
I am only doing that as it involves sculpting which I have not done before and I thought the 2 day would be better for me.
If you are confident in Hard gel then you can do a one day course which is about £90 something.
I would go on Nail Harmony site and email your nearest tutor. Mine is really lovely and got back to me really quickly with all the info.
Good Luck
Kate :)

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