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Aug 31, 2011
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Hi there I've 19 of the gelish colours in my collection and lots of them are not being used I am a small mobile business and am wanting to get them used within the next year as that's when their shelf life ends.
Here are the colours I have can anyone give me advice on how to make sure I get my moneys worth out of them. I think i maybe jumped in with both feet and ordered too many thinking more is better when I should have just got a few and gone from there

stand out
black shadow
bella's vampire
good gossip
hot rod red
gossip girl (nearly out popular)
light elegant (nearly out very pop french)
sheek white (nearly out french)
emerald dust (used but feels it doesn't give full coverage)
ocean wave
high bridge (same as emerald dust not full coverage)
tiki tiki laranga
rose garden
plum and done
stand out
just in case tomorrow never comes
tiger blossom

theres a lot of money sat here doing very little and I'd like to get going again with gelish.
I did change to another brand of gel polish and I suppose I pushed those more can anyone offer advice please and thank you xx
can anyone offer any suggestions ?
Have seen on another thread some of the colours I have but looking for more x
Hiya, i know that you do not have all of these but they are my most popular layers (two coats first colour, one second colour)

Good gossip & starburst
Good gossip & night reflection
Good gossip & sweet choc
Gossip girl & izzy wizzy
Night reflection & izzy wizzy

Anything with night shimmer over the top as it makes bright colours a bit pastelly but shimmery

Magneto's are nice without using the magnet

The aurora collection is pretty good for changing other colour, particulary ali babas, izzy wizzy, and the orange one over reds & oranges.

I researched a lot before i brought mine & tried to get those that i could make more colours out of by layering.

I'd avoid pastel colours - so sweet, princess tiara, they fade but u can get away with it using izzy wizzy over the top

Hope that helps! Any questions just ask :) x
I also use tomorrow never comes under good gossip to make GG last a bit longer! Looks the same :)
I've used Gossip Girl under Deep Sea to make a deep purple as the pinks are less popular now the sun has gone :(

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