Orange roots from a salon, wella colourcharm t18 or t14? Please help!


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Apr 3, 2017
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Hi. I hope some of you can help me!

For reference I’m platinum blonde full headhighlights toned to an ashy white blonde (around dialight 10.12) my base roots are 5/6.

I’ve recently moved to cheshunt and I’m trying to find a new regular salon for my roots. I always seem to have problems with my roots as most salons I go too (even super expensive ones like Toni and guy) my roots always turn really brassy and orangey. So I’m always a little nervous finding a new salon as my hair must be quite difficult to lift or pull really red or something, but it can be done as I’ve found 2 or 3 that do it beautiful for me.

Anyway... I booked for a t section of highlights with smart bond and toner and was told the price was £100..

when I first sat down the lady said it might not be achieveable to get the roots to exactly match the ashy white blonde on the ends as my “roots are sooo dark” I told her that it is possible as there have been few salons that have managed it and it’s not like I have black hair or anything. I mean my base is a 5 or 6. I told her as long as the bleach is strong enough and left on enough the roots will lift and a toner will give me that ashy look.... looking back I should of walked away at that point because she was basically telling me She wouldn’t be able to do it and giving herself an easy way out if it does go wrong.

She used the new technique by L’Oréal of the instant highlights. Where you bleach in foils and then fold them up, and then heat the foils with a straightening iron.... the foils got so hot they were burning my scalp ( because the foils was so close to my scalp ) and also burning around the sides of my face where my ears where... i jumped ou and screamed a few times because the pain was so bad! it’s a really weird technique and I don’t know If she was doing it correct because she had to give me some e45 cream to help with the redness and burn marks around my face!

So she waited the half an hour and washed it off and it was bright yellow/orange. She dried it for me as she said she preferred to tone when the hairs dry. I already knew at this point it would be a disaster because the toner is only temporary anyway so you want to get the hair light enough before the toner otherwise after a few washes it will turn back brassy.

She put a toner on for me and it didn’t really do anything to be honest. Usually my hair grabs onto toners and they work in a few minuites but she left the toner on 15 minuites and it made hardly any difference at all.

She dried it and said are you happy? I said welll no my hairs yellow and orange and it’s nothing like the ends. She replied “well I did warn you.. I did everything I could I’m afraid that’s as light as your hair will go because your so dark “

I didn’t have a leg to stand on to complain because she warned me in the first place she might not be able to match. I just thought if she used a strong bleach plus an ash toner it would work. Like it has in the past so why not this time. But in future if anyone “warns you” just walk away straight away because you can’t complain if it does go wrong then.

So my question is... I can’t really afford to spend another £100 going to a different salon. This salon is refusing to do anything to correct it and I did pay them because at the end of the day I feel bad holding money back. She did do a bad job but she did spent a few hours on my hair and I felt I needed to pay her for her time. I’m a bit soft like that.. and also a bit of a mug lol.

I do have a wella colour charm toner t18 with 20 peroxide, so i mixed that up when I got home and put it on my roots where the orange was... I left it 20 mins and washed it off and it seems to have made it worse coz it’s lifted my highlights that weren’t in foils. So it’s now turned the leftover hairs an even more brassy colour now :( :( and barely done anything to the other orange bits. I read t14 would lift orange as it’s blue based and t18 is yellow based. Should I buy a t14 and just use a 10 developer this time so it doesn’t “lift” any more??

Can anyone give me any advice please? Please don’t say go to another salon because I would if I could afford it but I can’t afford to spent another 100, my husband would kill me.

Thank you and sorry for the length of this post

I’ve not heard of heating bleach foils with a straightening iron. That sounds unusual.
I wonder if our lovely L’Oréal expert can advise on this new technique? @adamlea87

You need to go back and ask for a refund because they haven’t done what you asked them to do and they’ve burned you in the process. Causing you actual harm is something you could sue them for as opposed to simply being unhappy with your hair colour.

If they didn’t think it was possible to get you to platinum they should have just said ‘No’. Instead they’ve taken £100 off you whilst admitting that they knew they couldn’t get you where you wanted to be.

I don’t think you have much choice. You will need to get another hairdresser to complete this process because if you start messing with chemicals, you’re likely to overlap onto previously lightened hair, especially around the back, and you then have a real risk of breakage. I’m guessing from your description that there’s potentially some damage already so I wouldn’t even use straightening irons at this point. Very few hairdressers bleach their own roots because they don’t want to risk overlapping the products. If the hair starts breaking off a couple of inches from the scalp, it will look awful and take months to grow back.
I've heard of the new L'Oreal technique, I had a leaflet come from our local rep. I wouldn't of paid as by paying, in a sense you are agreeing that your hair is okay. They burned you in the process, so that is the main thing you need to confront about more than anything. Using a 20vol peroxide with a toner is a no go, lower the peroxide because you don't need to lift, you need to deposit. X

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