Gelish rose gold colour?


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Rach Dilks

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Dec 7, 2012
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Hi I'm looking for a rose gold colour Gelish, do any of you have any recommendations?
Depends what you class as rose gold?
I'd say the last call is a rose gold colour but others may think different x
hmm ok thank you for your comment x
Definitely last call x
INK London have a gold but not sure there's a rose. Models own (varnish not gel) defiantly have one! I use it for stamping. I get models own from asos. There's a gel top coat you can get especially for using on top of normal varnish think I read it on nails mag top 10 top gel top coats ? Try Goodling it. Hope you find some
thank you all for your replies, it is a Gelish colour i'm looking for x
Last call or oh what a knight x
Glamour queen?

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