Gellux nails starter?


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Donna Carter

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Dec 31, 2015
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Hi i have previously passed my gellux course, I have been practising a lot on friends but for some reason they are not lasting No longer than a week what am I doing wrong !.. ?
I am sticking to what I learnt which is
To prepare the nail push and snip cuticles
Fast bond 1 coat
Base coat 1 coat
Colour 2 coats
Top coat 2 coats

Don't understand why they keep chipping !. ANY IDEAS .?.
Is the product chipping but remainder is still attached solidly to the nail? - if so, then I suspect the product is too thick at the tip, it's very easy to overload the tips when capping the free edge.

If the product is chipping and what is left it not attached/flaking/peeling off then it wasn't adhered in the first place, you need to ensure you brush the product all the way to the end of the nail and cap the free edge without bulking it out or you end up with the problem above.

Also ensure you are not over buffing the nail prior to application, if you thin the natural nail it will become soft and bendy and the product cannot adhere or withstand the nail flexing underneath
Are you using and then, if applicable, deactivating cuticle remover?
You shouldn't snip cuticles, although this has nothing to do with your problem.
I see no mention of cleansing the nail surface prior to application of product?
Are you cleansing the nail with prep and wipe after buffing?
Do you cap the free edge?
What lamp are you using? X
Are you using 2 layers of topcoat? If so why? X

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