Getting an NVQ in hair while at uni!!


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Jul 3, 2010
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Hi everyone, i'm currently studying for a marketing degree in liverpool hoping to work for Benefit or Loreal when i leave working in PR and going on to open my own hair and beauty company with my mum (a salon owner) i'm currently 18 and i've worked in a salon from being 14 and over the past four years ive learnt blow drying, customer consultation, health and safety and colouring.. basically everything needed for my NVQ level 2 except from cutting! I've also attended Redken creative colouring courses and hair up courses! Is there any way i can gain an NVQ without attending college? maybe just being assessed? obviously i know ill have to do all of the theory!!

Any help would be appreciated!!! xx
u would still need to go through an awarding body authorised institute aka a college, i did this, i only had to attend college for a few assessments, the rest was salon teaching and an assessor from the college comin once a month to watch me do practical in salon, ask the local college about what they can do for you x

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