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Jan 18, 2012
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Dublin, Ireland
Is fudge cement any good for holding curls. I don't want them to hold like ringlets just a bit more curly than beach hair. So would like to be able to curl it then run my hans through them. Her hair is very long and straight and knots very easily. Am also thinking of using heated rollers as opposed to GHD or wand etc.

Also how is it used ie on wet or dry hair etc

If anyone has any other recommendations I'd really appreciate them!
Use ghd it used to be called creation spray but not sure on name now, never use hair spray when curling till after you've finished them, no heated rollers won't get ringlets really you need to stick with irons personally x
Cement really does cement the hair so personally I'd use something lighter If u want a looser look. Take wider sections and vary the direction you curl for a looser effect

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