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Aug 14, 2013
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Hi I really could do with help, I want to go self employed as a beauty therapist I found a room to rent in a hairdressers local to me. When enquiring about the room what do I need to know from them, and I'm confused weather I have to have insurance or do my own taxs I didn't want to ask the hairdressers as I don't want to come across as I don't know nothing. I have a good client base behind me and good contacts to get me started. Will I need much money to start myself off ? I have a lot of equipment already just need a few little bits. If people can help be great thank you
you need to ask
* how much it is - flat rental price of % of your takings?
* can your retail there
* do they have permission off their landlords to sub-let?
* will there be anyone to take appt on your behalf?
* hours youll work in the salon

You will need your own public liability insurance and you will pay your own taxes - its your own business - you'll have to register with hmrc and declare everything

you will need lots of financial back up - marketing alone will be a big chunk of your budget
when i went self employed i wrote a list of absolutely everything, needed equipment wise and add marketing materials and products down to diarys pens pencils etc include atleast a few months rent so that your stable - and then add 10% incase of overspend, then that will be your budget guide

Brilliant thank you that's great help :) I'm currently unemployed and have no savings so but stuck weather to go self employed or get a job for a bit then go self employed

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