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Jun 7, 2012
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Warfield Bracknell
Hi there,
I joined Salon Geek this morning so it's my first time writing but I could really use some help and advice.
Two years ago I took a nail course at Carlton institute in the hope I could become a nail tech and be able to work around my children. I didn't manage to finish my course within the 2 years as I had my second child.
I'm really keen to get back into it as I really enjoy all aspects of beauty therapy.
Do you have any advice on where I can start? I wasn't thrilled by Carlton so would rather not return there. I'm keen on doing bio sculpture as I'm a big fan of the product. I'm currently on maternity leave so money is a little tight :(
I would be so grateful for any help.
Many thanks :o
I was in the same situation as you back in 2003 I wasn't happy with the training I received and went on the train with CND
this was the best decision I ever made regarding nail training :)
if you get in contact with Sweet Squared they can advise you on locations to train/prices ect
Get in touch with your local college. Some of them offer part time mani/pedi courses which are really reasonable. The qualifications are recognised by insurance companies as well as product suppliers like bioSculpture and CND so you can then choose the area you would like further training in, and which product line you would like to go with. Good luck x

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