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Apr 22, 2012
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Hi, can anyone tell me how they combine gelish colours with the gelish hard gel? I'm not sure I have it in the right order. They look lovely but I'm just not confident I'm doing it correctly.
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If i am doing a tip or full nail colour then i build my ehancement finish and shape with the 180.. then apply gelish colour either to the tips or whole nail.. still using the thin layers mind.. then i finish with top it off.. and wipe then done..

i find alot of my client like to change their colour but want the extension so this way is easier as i only have to file off the colour layers ..

Sarah xx
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Thank you Sarah,

So you use just builder then shape surface or builder, clear gel then shape?
It is even easier if you sculpt the enhancement as you can soak off the colour. Gelish Hard Gel is obviously unaffected by the soak off procedure. I personally skip the base coat when adding Gelish colour to enhancements.

You should be properly gel trained before you attempt using GHG its not the same as using Gelish Gel Polish for which you just need a Manicure Certificate.
Thanks, I am recently trained in gel enhancements as well as Gelish but still a little cautious . Especially as I was trained with a different brand of hard gel. I have emailed a Harmony educator I know for info on transition course but I am enjoying experimenting on myself at the moment. I would not consider charging anyone at the moment as I know I still have a lot to learn. lol I was just being a little impatient perhaps. I do appreciate your advice all the same. x

Just to be clear. This is what I've been doing.
colour x2
top it off

Harmony advisor recommended not to use nail armour. Just not sure if I should still be using clear gel before applying colour.

Thanks again x
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That's exactly the same procedure I would use.

As you are sculpting, you can soak off. I have noticed that when I soak off the colour stains the enhancement a little. I wonder if applying Nail Armour and buffing it before applying the colour would stop this? However, I either apply a different colour of buff off the stain if the client wants French, so its not a major problem.

There is a good Harmony video on the net showing how to apply GHG.
Thanks Juicy Lucy,
Yeh I've spent hrs watching vids. There was a great one on their site that was very clear. As I say it was just at which point to switch over from ghg to gelish. I feel like I should still be using clear gel to protect the builder gel from staining. Does that make sense? Anyway, thanks so much for replying. x

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