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Aug 16, 2003
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I use NSI products and have just purchased Glaze and Go. On a couple of my clients they have phoned me to say that after 10 days the top coat is cracking like crazy paving? I am finish with a 180 grit file and then I use a white sandblock to make the nail smooth? Should i just use the 180 grit file and leave out the sandblock?

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Em :)
I use glaze and go, and only use 180 grit then glaze.:)
I have used glaze and go since it first came out and i have never had any problems with it cracking.
because glaze and go is gel based, it needs a "rough" surface to adhere to, so it will fill all your scratches on your nail from filing and create a permanent shine. So no need to block buff! Hope that helps.
Hi as said above the nail surface just stay rough as there is no need to buff & it helps to adhere the glaze n go to the nail surface. Also if you apply the glaze to thinly you may find that it will begin to crack over time with wear & general contact with water as the product won't be strong / tough as it should be. HTH :)
I use it all the time & never have any problems!! Also check you are curing it correctly. If you are still having problems contact NSI direct & they will be more than happy to help!! :)
Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it. :)
Are you using it over nail polish? This is the only time I have had a problem with cracking with Glaze & Go.

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