Glitter tips, pre-glitter tips or apply own glitter?


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Feb 18, 2012
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Leeds UK
Hi, im new to this. Im wanting to do glitter tips but wondering which is better to do, apply pre-glittered tips or mix glitter with acrylic/gel and apply to do the smile line myself on natural/clear tips? And if both are good to do, can anyone recomend a good place to get decent strong pre-glittered tips as the nail suppliers i go to dont do them. thanks in advance! :)
I much prefer to buy glitter and mix it myself to create glitter enhancements. That way I can mix my own custom colours. Also you are able to use the glitter with different systems (uv gels, l&p or gel polish rockstars).

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I bought Martha Stewart glitters and mixed 1 part glitter for 3 parts clear acrylic powder in a small pot. Mix/shake well and voila!
I always buy the glitter and mix with clear gel myself. Years ago I once bought glitter tips and they were awful. X
I almost never use tips...I'm a sculpting I pretty much mix into clear gel...or scrub onto tacky layer for different effect.
I find pre-glittered tips don't show up that well with an acrylic overlay on top so I buy my own glitter and mix it with my NSI powders to sculpt, or sometimes I use the mix over clear tips depending on what the natural nail is like. Ebay is a good place for experimenting with buying different coloured glitters.
Thanks for all ur posts and advice :)
Danni look me up on fb if u have one... I can't put pics here and would love to show you how I do mine.

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