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Sam Biddle

International Nail artist
Oct 26, 2004
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Hello...happy new year every one, hope 2008 is a good one for you and yours... I am looking for some help from the international visitors on nail geek....
I do some freelancing for an industry magazine and am working on an article about Global nails for the March issue. This is a feature about nails around the world, and I was hoping for some help ......

Please could you take a look at the following questions and email me on [email protected] .

1. What s the most popular treatments natural nail or enhancements?

2. When choosing enhancements, which style is most commonly asked for? For example, pink and white, colour, design ect.

3. What is the popular shape in your area? Square, oval, stiletto?

4. What do you prefer to do? For example, pink and white, design, nail art, natural nail treatment…..

5. In your country/area, how popular is the nail industry?

Can you tell me the country and region your from when you reply, if there is any further information you think might help please feel free to add this.

Thanks in advance

you can also find some more details out on my Blog
Hi sam
are these questions directed at the geeks outside of the uk ?
also hun your link is not working for the more details on your blog :hug:

yes the questions are directed to techs around the world, however if you want to comment on the UK industry I would be might be good to see if there is a trend in different regions around the country too....might do another article on UK nails... you never know. ( if you reply....include the region for me...)

about the link....might of forgotten to hit the hyperlink button sorry. :rolleyes:.....

here goes....Sam Biddle



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