Glueing eyebrows down!


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Nov 18, 2014
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Need help from some make up geeks! We have our college hair and beauty show on Wed and for my look I'm needing to glue down the eyebrows and draw new ones on, how do I go about this? Hope you understand what I mean!
I encountered this recently. I can't remember the name of the grimas product but you basically use something sticky to flatten them. Then you camouflage them so that you can proceed accordingly.

I've heard of people using pritt stick but I wouldn't recommend anything that is not a commercial grade product.
Hi when I was at uni doing makeup we used a type of stick wax (think it was kryolan) to flatten the brow hairs and then stippled makeup over the top in layers to cover the hairs. At a push if you can't get hold of the wax you can use soap. Just everyday bars of soap, mix it with water in a pallete/ back of your hand and apply in layers. Once it has dried hopefully all the brow hairs will be flattened and covered and you can proceed with makeup. Hope this helps x
Brow perfect offer a sticky adhesive for the eyebrow extensions that would probably stick down your natural brow hairs, not to sure about covering them though. You can buy it from salons direct i think X

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