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Aug 6, 2004
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Just wanted to let everybody know of a really wicked place to go if your feeling adventurous, also good as a family day out!!

i went to go Ape at the weekend at sherwood forest, it is an ariel assult course high up in the trees (not to be attempted if scared of heights) it was fab!! lot's of tarzan swings and rope climbing, it's totally safe as your in a harness and always have one safety line attached!!

you'll have to give it a go, totally amazing experience and lot's of fun!!

pen xxx
hi ya my other half went there with his work , and said it was fab hopefully he will be takin me there soon cant wait xx
Hi, i used to live in worksop, right by sherwood forest, and i loved it as a kid.
I havent been to go ape yet though, my dad has been and said it was fab.
I cant wait to go with the kids, I will have to wait a few years though...i dont think it would be a good idea swinging my 3 year old, 2 year old and 4 month old baby from the trees!!!!......as much as i would love too....they are all little monkeys!!!!
little monkeys ha ha!!

i tell you what they there were quite a few young people doing it!!

couldn't believe it some of it was quite scary, it really is quite high!!

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