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Jul 13, 2010
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hi all

i am new to this and looking for some advice/tips, i have worked in the beauty industry for 3 and a half years and have started thinking about working as a mobile therapist, before i do this i am going to go on a few courses for semi permanent lashes spray tan etc.

I would like to know any ideas on

advertising for clients
best places to put leaflets
best spray tan you reccomend
best semi permanent eyelashes
and any tips for starting of mobile that you could pass on or sucsess stories of going mobile for me to aspire to :lol:

A big thank you in advance for any replies.:Love:

hi :D welcome to the site, and the mobile business.

I started my own business 3 months ago and loving it. - i would advertise on yell.com freeindex, thomson local. - they are all free. See if you can send a email to any schools/ nurseries around you that maybe having a summer fayre ask if you could help out and promote your business on one of there tables. :) -

When you buy your products buy empty smaller bottle so you have heavy products to carry around. - you could also give money off if people recommend you to a friend - hope this helps - let me know if you need any more help
I'm in the process of setting my mobile business up. I have read through tons of threads on here and have taken on board a lot of the stuff.

As said advertise on yell.com etc, create a website and link to it, facebook pages are good too. I'm dropping off leaflets (soon) around my local area with a % discount when the leaflet is produced for first treatment.

Take a look at Lynne Baker's thread. There are heaps of ideas here, most tried and tested.


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