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Apr 5, 2016
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Evening Ladies,
I've recently qualified in acrylic nails [emoji4][emoji119]
I've been practising on and off for about 2 and half years now !

So now I'm qualified I'm wanting/thinking of going self employed , although I'm now thinking is it worth it ?
Last week I was all for it had half a business plan sorted but this week I'm having doubts , anyone else felt like this then it's all worked out ?

Many thanks
A very undecided Nail Tech [emoji1][emoji58]
The best thing to do is go for it. I'll be renting a desk as of next week, I literally decided I was going for it, quit my job in a previous salon as I wasn't happy, had talks, ordered my stock and said yes in the space of 2 weeks.. Not really had time to doubt myself but I probably would have done given the time and then i'd talk myself out of it. Shop around for the est deal and place that suits you. I'm going to e working in a fairly large village that only has one other nail tech and she's home based. I'll be paying £50 a week and that includes literally everything! Including a set of keys etc.. Honestly, you'll know when you've made the righ decision. Go for it :D xx
Thanks for replying , long story short because I'm unemployed and have my little one I had a job centre appointment today with my advisor told her my idea of going self employed and she basically in so many words told me it was a daft idea , I felt so shot down . Also tried looking for jobs in salons and there's nothing at all in my area [emoji17] waited so long to get qualified too it's like 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. Xx
Don't listen to the jobcentre they're crap! lol If its what you want to do then go for it. I was unemplyed before going into the salon and they basically told me that going self employed wouldn't be worth it but everybody else says different lol xx
Thank you so much [emoji4] my spirits have lifted now !
Especially now you've said they said more a less the same thing to you. You can't win with them , they go on at you getting a job then when you've been trying your hardest they basically laugh in your face!
I'm now going to dust my shoulders off and get back to my business plan ! [emoji4]
Thank you so much for your relies xx
*replies that should of said haha xx

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