Goldwell express toner help!


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Nov 1, 2013
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Hi everyone

I use goldwell and they have brought out express toners, has anyone used these yet?

I've never really had to use toners as I prefer to get the colour right if possible.

Anyone got any tips or info etc.

Thanks. X
I'm a goldwell fanatic!

I love the express toners. But they still haven't replaced colorance 10V, 10P for me.

I find they're really nice for if you just have a little warmth left in the hair after foils. I love the cream and silver ones.

I have also used cream and champagne on scalp bleaches.

The two benefits I think it has is condition- leaves the hair smoother and shinier.
And also is just really nice for finishing a blonde, even if it doesn't need toning. It gives it the most beautiful creamy finish.

9silver is good if you do have a bit of warmth to neutralise, but if it's quite gold, stick to the 10V colorance.

Hope that helps.
Iv used them alot now, they're lovely! I love the cream and silver. They leave the hair nice and glossy! X

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