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Jan 12, 2003
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Hi all - me again with yet another quiry! But hey, at least I keep you all on your toes!!!

Just read a posting on another site about a girl having problems with her clients nails when she removed the enhancements. Her natural nails had gone green - mould/fungus call it what you will.

My question is - can anything be done by the nail tech to put this right and also how would you experienced girls handle the situation if a client were in this situation and was 'Going Off On One"? Especially if they said that you'd told them that enhancements would not damage their natural nails!!!

What, also, do you feel caused this and how can you be 100% sure it isn't going to happen in the future with other clients?

Thanks a bunch
Have you checked my novel on this subject out????

Moldy oldy fun guys

Man this afro is so freaking cool->
:fro: :fro: :fro: :fro: :fro: :fro: :fro: :fro: :fro: :fro:
Hey Sam - thats what I Love about you - "You've an answer to everything"!!!

Bet Mrs Geek agrees, eh - or do you know better!?

Hey Sam, ;)
this little novel is great. Even thought I am a Gel, Silk and Fibreglass girl, found it very usefull. I can even understand it, which is even better.(and I have read loads in the last few years)
Thanks for being such an insperation to the non Acrylic Techs on this board. There must be some more for sure. :D
But I must say I do feel a bit lonley, well I have only my daughter nailsinlondon2 as company on the Gel, Silk and Fibreglass scene.
Lots of Huggs and keep up the great work
and this {_}? drinks on me this time.
Love Ruth :rolleyes:
..Mrs Geek agrees in general - of course I taught him EVERYTHING he knows :D OK OK - NOT!!! I must say though, it is refreshing to read something that teaches you and is amusing at the same time - it does help you to REMEMBER: :study:
I have a few pet peeves' 1 is people calling what we do 'False Nails' :cus: and people calling 'greenies' mold! I always immediately want to explain 'bacterial' infections etc :? - Oh well I'm rambling.... :rainbow:
Nailsinlondon1 said:
But I must say I do feel a bit lonley, well I have only my daughter nailsinlondon2 as company on the Gel, Silk and Fibreglass scene.:rolleyes:

Ruth, don't be lonely, we do Gel, Silk & Fibre also :thumbsup: it's just that we prefer L+P :rolleyes: Just a preference thing - the work I have seen of yours is great!! :salute:
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