Hair colour advice please :)


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Oct 6, 2011
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Hi geeks..
As some of you know already - I've just recently done the switch from loreal to matrix.. I have a client today who is a natural base 7, with existing golden blonde highlights with about 2 inches regrowth.. She brought in a picture of how she wanted to be and it was all over platinum blonde! I said that wouldn't be possible in 1 go and suggested full head highlights And to go at it gradually.. I was thinking back to back highlights of bleach and ULA?
Any one have any other suggestions on what would work well please? Xx
Anyone please? :) xx
If she want platinum blone Id go with just bleach foils. ULA doesnt really have the lift for a base 7, you'll get a little gold tone. Bleach 6% roots, then lightly dray bleach 3% through mid lengths and ends to lift a bit more.
High lifts are fine on already pretty light hair, but in my experience even the ULA+ doesnt even have the welly to lift a base 7 platinum
Thanks for the reply Jojo.. If there is still a slight golden undertone, Do you think tone it after with sync spv? Have you had any experience with this? X
The spv in sync I mean :) x
SPV is lovely for platinum blonde. If she wants it super cool, dry the hair off then apply it for up to 20 mins (watch it though!) If you just want to take out residual warmth, apply on damp hair after taking colour of. I do this lots for Icy Blonde xxxx
Oo sounds lovely :) think I will give that a go :) thanks for your help Jojo xx
No worries - anything to keep me away from doing paperwork xxx

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