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Aug 13, 2005
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Goole, East Yorkshire
Hi all, Im currently waiting to go back to college to complete my level 3, Ive obviously done my 2 years and am raring to do my last, however I have clients crying out for the inverted bob look.

BUT im not quite sure on what to do, ive looked online for different demo videos, but cant find any, if you knof of any and can point me in the right direction please let me know.
Thanks muchly :confused:
Hey kelly,

Posh has a inverted bob. Google Posh haircut and see if that doesn't bring up a few links for you to look at. Except her invert in also a A-symmetrical cut also. so instead of leaving it longer on one side. start at the nape center and cut both sides the same length.

Inverted bobs really aren't that hard to do once you figure out and angles and partings, One thing to remember though is to bring the sides back to the point behind the ear. If you don't, you might end up rounding the front out too much.

Good luck with it.

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