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Mar 15, 2012
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I am interested to know what after products everyone finds best, i know many people have opted to brand*their own threw options Limited but for those that haven't do you stick too one brand you find from experience are brilliant or do you purchase the ones from the suppliers you buy your hair from
Thanks Sarah

I use lush us uk for all my products, there aftercare packs are fantastic everyone highly recommends it. There is a make called 10x I think it's called or x10, which is cheaper for the pack around £xx from gg's hair extensions in Plymouth. Lush us uk comes in around £xx. My clients who have not got the aftercare pack have had to have there extensions taken out but the ones who order it love the products and there hair stays in fantastic condition. I even have a lady who has had to have her extensions out because of uni protocol! She still orders the shampoo and conditioner from me because it's helped the condition of her natural hair :) hope this helps

Nadia x
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Hi yeah the lush us Aftercare kit is good as it's all included!! I've heard of x-10. I have Gem from GG hair extensions on my facebook have you ever used her hair on clients before? If so what do you think of it xx
Agree with the above. It's simple for me - my clients who use aftercare - their hair stays in lovely condition - the ones who don't, by the time they need removing the hair is in much poorer condition - and also the bonds are far more difficult to remove!!! I've heard X10 can be quite drying on some brands of extensions. I use Lush-Us aftercare as it is what is recommended for their hair type, I also use it myself and really notice the difference when I use other products or nothing at all. xx

I actuly used ggs hair yesterday for the first time, I'm looking for a alternative company incase lush us is low or out of a select colour! The hair I used is the red and jet black. It's soft and seams nice but the proof is in the wearing so time will tell! My client is still using her lush products on that hair! I think I will stay away from the x10 stuff if it drys the hair out! Someone told me to try blue herbal essence, a client tried and her hair looked a mess and she was so itchy but that's prob because she did not rinse enough! So I'm sticking with lush us aftercare.

Nadia x
Hmm yeah i may just use the lush us for all hair ext as im including it in the price so they must use it to prevent complaints

I had a sample from gem 99J washed it a few times and its still lush but like you said its the wearing that will tell!

Hope you don't mind me jumping in on the thread! I bought myself the x-10 after care set the other day as I'm getting my bond extensions fitted tomorrow!
I was reading through the ingredients and noticed silicone and citric acid, even though I've read countless times these break the bonds down! Or are they diluted so this isn't a problem! The girl who is doing my hair said I could use the x-10 if I want or use the Aussie range as that is what she uses. Just want to make sure I have all the right products lol :) xxx

We use X-10 for our clients in the salon.

Enchanted Locks
Thank you :) I've now saw it being recommended on quite a few sites etc.. Was just wondering about the ingredients and if it harmed the bonds in any way :) xxx
i did use what ever aftercare was available from the hair supplier ie hair planet id use theirs etc. now i get my own from options! there stuff is amazing and min order is only 12 bottles i think they look so much more professional! :D
Sounds good! Where can I get the options range from? :) xxx
Don't lush us use the products from options? I'm sure they do but charge a fortune for it.
Had a nosy on the site and LOVE IT! :D xxx

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