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Oct 28, 2013
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Hi ladies and gents...

I wonder if you can help me...whilst not a professional, I have had various forms of hair extensions to know a little about them. I need advice on finding a experienced hair extentionist.

I currently have Cinderella hair extensions in - I paid a small fortune for them, only to have my salon (which I have been going to for almost 10 years) totally screw them up. They are due to come out this month and I need advice on what to look for when finding a new extensionist.

I had micro-rings put in by someone I found on Gumtree back in June - she was supposed to dye my hair the same colour as the hair, she totally failed and within a week I had to have them taken out. So lost £200 there but should have known better at my age, if it's cheap there is a reason!

So in July I had Cinderella hair put in, the first lot where put in incorrectly and within a week about 20 had fallen out, the salon then took a month to rectify and then decided rather than take out and replace, to just add more. The old ones continued to fall out. I then had my maintenance two months after the initial fitting and they only replaced about 30 when a lot more should have been replaced - to say I feel like they totally robbed £600 from me is an understatement - but I have been going there for years and didn't want to make a fuss.

Prior to this I had always had weave done.

So with my previous screw ups, I am finding it hard to trust someone to do my hair.

I am London based and am happy to travel, but I just want it done properly and someone who actually cares about the hair being done correctly rather than how much money they are going to make.

Sorry for such a long post, but I am feeling very scared about going for it again due to past experience.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
It depends on what type of hair you have and also your lifestyle is very important as looking after them properly is just as important as the fitting.
An aftercare package of sham, cond and brush should always be supplied as you can only use certain types of products.
I've been fitting bonded and pre bonded extensions since 2003 using racoon, great lengths and recently another supplier.
With pre bonded extensions you would want them to be keratin based bonds as the bonds swell when heat is applied through styling or washing just like hair does, the hair itself should be remy which just means all the cuticles are facing the same and right way, double drawn so it's the same thickness root to tip, human hair which is not as easy as it sounds as a lot of hair that states it's human often has synthetic mixed in and if this is the case when you wash or style the hair some will fall out which then leaves gaps in the bonds and the hair starts shedding, virgin hair is awesome but you are limited to dark colours although all great lengths hair is virgin due to the colouring process, quite expensive though.......
Finding a good extensionist is a mind field as the trade isn't policed well and anybody can train with certain company's you don't need experience of hair at all but that's not saying all those people will be bad either.

Hope this helps a little

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