Hair extension methods?

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Sorry Ive been trawling the forum for hours and tbh my mind is just fried! I want to offer hair extensions and im really so torn on what methods are most popular...

I think no glue are most popular now? Celebrity Weave is? I have been reading alot about Mini Locks specifically. Do you need to train in Mini Locks, are they just smaller copper tubes / micro ring style?! Ah im so co fused and I want to book ot or I just keep researching more and confusing myself further :(


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mini locks and nanos x
Do you need separate training for mini locks or you can do it on Micro ring training?

It’s just the same but the ring is slightly smaller that’s all. Nano and micros / mini rings are all the same prospect. Tapes are popular now too. I would stay clear of glue. They are a nightmare to remove too and very time consuming x
I cant find training that has what I want one it :( are nano rings more popular than micro rings? Tape seem to be popular but do many suppliers do them? Im so out of the game! I was going to so micro loops years ago, its all changed now. Im returning back to my hairdressing after many years so I need to ‘get with the times’
But you need to be trained in each system to be able to be insured so I dony know what to go with!

Don’t bother with micro loops. Do nano , micros and weaves. There the most popular. You’ll need to have a couple of suppliers to ensure you can supply everything. Euphoria one stock everything in every colour and length which is why I tend to stick with them. You may have to alter your price lists as soem
Methods cost more then others and some are more time consuming. Nano rings are popular but I find them quite damaging to your hair as the section is so small compared to what the strands weigh it can pull the hair out over time. I prefer the mini rings as the section is a bit bigger there for more weight distribution for the extension to sit with. Hope that makes sense.

But you need to be trained in each system to be able to be insured so I dony know what to go with!
Some places do multiple method training days. Some teach up to 6 methods so I’ve seen. I wouldn’t recommend as it’s a lot to take in all on one day. Maybe just focus on 2 for now then branch out when more confident.
Thank you, that helps alot! Is Mini rings the same as Mini Locks? They seem very popular which is basically just small copper tubes? Id like to do some sort of weave, and micro rings and mini locks as from research nano rings like you said can be damaging

Yes pretty much. I find with copper tubes they can slide out as they don’t have silicone in them. I always use siliconed lines rings to prevent any coming out. The mini rings u need to buy 4mm or for thicker hair 4.5mm rings will be ok x
Where did you do your training? If you dont mind my asking? Do the silicone lined stay better? You have to have good pliers ive read!

Pliers are pliers in my eyes. You need good ones for nano and glue removals but that’s it. And special longer ones for tapes.
I did my training with KM hair extensions. They were nice and helpful on the day but after that when I needed help they didn’t want to know really. But I think that’s it your on your own after you train. You’ve just gotta learn from your own mistakes and you’ll get better. There’s plenty on this page to help aswel which I wasn’t on here when I started. And yes silicone all the way. I’ve tried it without and they complained saying they were coming out almost straight away x
I live and breathe Extensions, so i hope I pick it up well but will need to practice to perfect my skills :)

Just get some models and do it for cost price just to practise on x my insta is @hairboxsheffield if u ever need any help x
Thanks sweetie youve been really helpful :) will give you a follow x


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Hi, there are many popular hair extensions method now, customers usually like tape in extensions, clip in extensions, keratin hair extensions, machine hair weft, hand tied weft and nano ring extensions, different customers have different idea, our factory also produce these hair extensions, check my page to find more information.
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Tapes seem to be more popular nowadays with my clients plus they’re easier to install. Xx


Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd.
Tapes seem to be more popular nowadays with my clients plus they’re easier to install. Xx
You are right, tape ins are really popular hair extensions method now.


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I’ve noticed bonds are making a come back again!

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Weaves are the safest and most secure if done correctly, we also offer nano rings and tapes, we offer training if your interested please get intouch :) x