Hair extension methods?


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Hey Geeks,
Sorry Ive been trawling the forum for hours and tbh my mind is just fried! I want to offer hair extensions and im really so torn on what methods are most popular...

I think no glue are most popular now? Celebrity Weave is? I have been reading alot about Mini Locks specifically. Do you need to train in Mini Locks, are they just smaller copper tubes / micro ring style?! Ah im so co fused and I want to book ot or I just keep researching more and confusing myself further :(
Hey! I’m in this position at the moment ...have you got any advice for me please ? I don’t like
Micro rings so I tried copper tubes the other day but my client has lost 3 bonds in 3 days .. is this normal and what do you think of ether of them ? Any help would be much appreciated! haha! Thanks, Jess x


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I’ve noticed bonds are making a come back again!
Bonds are without a doubt the best! I do tailor-made micro bonds and mini copper tubes. If proper aftercare is followed, neither type damage the hair, but in my experience, if your client doesn't do as she's told, rings are more damaging than bonds. You can't really reuse the hair when it's applied with bonds though, so they do work out more expensive. Nano's are horrific for the clients hair, they will damage it over time, and damage your reputation in the process. You need to look at your target market. If they want cheap and cheerful, not particularly bothered about their hair extensions looking natural, etc, weaves and pre bonded copper rings are fine.