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Jul 26, 2010
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Hi all
I have a client that wants to increase her length only without adding to much bulk to her hair. I have never liked the look of half a head when increasing length as it always looks straggly. Just wondering what placement you would use here. If I were to place just a few full rows above the nape hairline and a few rows on the sides would this still look straggly? I suppose it does depend on the thickness of the clients hair too. Any suggestions please :)
Personally I'd do a couple of rows at the bottom leave big gap couple more rows then sides that way the top extensions will flow over a bulk of the hair instead of just hanging under either but I couldn't say anymore cus I haven't seen her hair lol. Hth x

I had a client who asked the same but I said unfortunately I wouldn't do it.

I advise a full head is to add length a half head is only to add thickness to your own length. Otherwise I think half head to add length only looks scraggly no matter where you places your bonds. (my personal opinion)

Has she thought about a full head then have it thinned out and/or layers cutting in so it isn't as bulky but she has length added but still resulting in a nice full effect rather than scraggly?

Hope this helps x x
I do agree with the comment above as well I would say its better to have it perfect than trying to just put it together with your fingers crossed x
Thanks guys, I agree with your comments. I will chat to her as I know I won't be happy with half a head!

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