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Sep 10, 2010
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catterick garrison

Need some advice on where to get good hair extensions, never had to buy them before and don't want thin tacky ones or ones that knot easily, so I'm hoping there's someone that has more experience in this area than me.
Thank you :smack:
Why cant your extensionist supply? What method and how much do you want to spend?

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Yes your extentionist should be supplying your hair you should not have to do this your self, I good extentionist will always supply the hair :)

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From a fellow client's perspective, if I had to go source my own hair, I'd find another hairdresser quick sharp. It may be cheaper than the alternative, but it's not a complete service.

I don't mind paying premium - or rather realistic - prices for a real, complete service.

To all the pros; please don't let hairdressing go the way of the nail and beauty industries!
I would never, ever fit hair that a client had supplied, unless they were a professional themselves. It is the technicians reputation and I would hate to think someone with ratty chinese hair is going around telling everyone that I fitted them.

IMHO, go elsewhere and find someone that will offer a complete service.

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