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Sep 11, 2007
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i am taking my little sis to a dancing comp at the end of this month and was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on something different to do with her hair. i'm usually not bad at coming up with ideas but fancy doing something alot different. she has long hair so putting it up would be better. any ideas??:idea:
Presumably she is in the competition?

Look at the colours of her dance outfit and for example intertwine a glittery ribbon with a french braid - more than one colour? all the better :green:

Section hair into lots of top knots wind around to make little buns and encapsulate with diamante nets - not got any? - make some:green:

Do a pleat at the back or maybe more to oneside or at an angle and use a long dimante slide to hold in place!

I'm sure you know little girls love sparkle so use your imagination and intertwine, pin up add to bands and section - all with sparkly stuff - then to top it off you could always add a light spraying of glitter hairspray :green:

Hope this helps a bit - ohhh how I wish I had a little girl :hug:

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