Hair too gold, help please!


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Aug 28, 2013
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Hello... I coloured my clients hair warm blonde, I used 9+9.3 maj, ratio 3-1 her hair a natural base of a 7, the roots have gone far to warm slightly gingery, what can I do to tone this down??!! Pllleeeeaaasseee help ASAP :) x
Emzie, could you fill in your qual profile please so that I can help you. In the meantime, think about what the colour opposite orange is on the colour wheel.
No wonder it's warm! Have a look at your colour wheel. :)

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Natural base of a 7 is a orange/yellow
So you have added gold to gold making orange
Tone with Goldwell Colorance & Colorance lotion- 10V & 10P equal parts but watch like a hawk or it will go too dark .If using Wella 1 part 9.11 to 2 parts 9.8 with 20 vol should lift a little & tone any gingery hues out , you really have to study the colour wheel to prevent these disasters. I tone roots 1st than emulsify to ends for last 5 minutes or when the colour looks right.

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