Hairdressing Courses.

I have always wanted to do beauty and hair but did a beauty only course 4/5 years ago. Now I really want to do a hairdressing NVQ but i am 26 so I think it would have to be a private course. Does anyone know any decent places that do courses- intensive ones. I live in Cambridge. How long would it take and cost roughly?:)


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hi hun,
I am 35 and i am doing my level 2 after starting college as a matur student in september.
your first ever level dont pay for as a mature student.....
ring your local college who offer the get help towards your kit.....and i am loving it its a fantastic course with peeps of all ages......
give your college a ring.

lotus blossom

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i do the same as jo, but im day release and work in a salon the rest of the week,
im 36 and i had to pay lol

Sounds good there is a regional college in Huntingdon, but will the training be of a good standard do you think because it is only a small town or do you think it would be better to go for a bigger college in Cambridge. Does every mature student get funding or is there certain criteria?

Also is how long does yor course last is it like an apprenticeship where you work part time in a salon?

Thanx for the advice :lol:


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you should get the same standard of college is a town college not a city one...and my tutors and the course have been excellent.
at college you should find a number out for student services...they will help with the funding you can get, kit money etc......
my course is mature level 1/2 which i started in september 2007 and should finish in may is full time and as a mature no salon placement needed till i do my level the fulltime course 3 afternoons 12.30 - 4 is full real working salon....the public come in as clients....
the reason i didnt have to pay was it was my first level 2 nvq ever dint have to pay

Thanx i will get on to the colleges tommorow much appreciated1

lotus blossom

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i had to pay purely because i think im day release,
after the age of 25 you pay, but if you are 25 to 29 you get some help after that you are on your own, though i dont know why??
i love my course
go for it


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Hi I live in Kent, I am due to start a Level 2 Course in September I am 30. It is my first Level 2 qualification and I don't have to pay either. Its at my local college and its only for a year. Try yours!