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May 22, 2012
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Just thought i would try this site for a bit of advice. Feeling really disheartened and quite low.

I am a level 2 qualified hair stylist, i trained at a private academy in London and qualified when i was 19, i'm now 23. I decided to leave the salon i was working at as soon as i qualified as i worked so hard there but never felt appreciated by my boss, and i felt that he was pushing me out anyway and not giving me the opportunity to move on from an assistant. I then struggled trying to get another job in a salon as a hairdresser because i had chosen not to do mens cuts and perming so i had no choice but to do some office work to earn a bit of long story short i got stuck in a rut and have had not really had any salon floor experience. I do quite a bit of home hair for friends and family and i do believe i am a capable hairdresser and i have a very good work ethic, i put 100% into all my work, i'm very much a perfectionist so my weakness' are that i take a little longer to do cuts and colours but my work is always thorough and to the highest standard that i can possibly make it. I'm just really confused as i am thinking about becoming self employed and going mobile but the thought of it does scare me. I just think i've lost so much confidence.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Would mobile stylists recommend that i get a bit of shop floor experience before going mobile?

Any constructive advice from stylists would be lovely, thanks for listening. x

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