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Jan 12, 2013
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Hi All!

Just wondering about a policy for customer complaints....

If it's clear that clients haven't followed the aftercare but they complain that OPI GelColor has chipped or that acrylics have all fallen off (for example), even though no one else has complained, what do we say? It simply cannot be the tech's fault or the product fault otherwise every single person would complain.

Currently we re-do the treatment free of charge, regardless, just to keep the client happy, but we don't want a reputation for this in case we get taken advantage of.

Can anyone suggest any alternative policies? xxxx
Can you or the techs not see the diffrence?
Not with everything but with most damage you kind of get an eye for ,

Firstly make sure it's not your fault,
Your products are correct being used as a full system inc recomended prep , light , cure times and removal procedure . Aplication bace , colors not to thick , not on skin , sealing free edge , If your doing all correctly and handing out and going over after care witch each client ,then you can start looking to the client .

How long since they had it done?
What part of the nail is lifting or missing?
What are the natral nails like are they showing signs of damage ?
Whats the free edge like ? bitten ? What's the surrounding skin like ? Is it nibbled? Not all biters bite the nails free edge.

You can have a policy add it to our aftercare . something like all repairs will be assessed and charged for appropriately .
Be sure they know that after 2-3 weeks it is time for a new UV color application or maintain the enhancements ,

And that with the enhancements after 3 weeks it's going to cost more for maintain as it will be more work.

Of course this commitment is part of there consultation too .

Your right if people can get free replacements they will , nails for life ! Whoooop .

Only ever fix 1 nail at a time back to the same look as the others .
They want a new color , new design that is a new treatment they need to be paying for that.
If after a week they can sabotage a few and get a new set free they might take advantage , if only the nail they damaged is getting done to look like the others again well it's not quite the same is it?

You have to grow a thick skin , as long as you can back your products and the work that's being done and honestly say its right and with out short cuts , then do NOT let opportunists run or ruin your buisness .

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