Has anyone done the Complementary Therapies BA Hons?


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May 31, 2009
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Just wondered as I am looking into it and it looks good to me!

I was looking at doing International Spa Management but cant do it till next year, then today I found this course and it kind of threw a spanner in the works!

I am looking at these courses at the University of Derby.

Any feedback you have would be great :D

I know a couple of people who have done the Comp therapy degree.

It is very fact based and geared towards working in the public sector. Massage tuiton is not the main aspect, think you learn aromatherapy, massage and myofascia massage with some acupressure over 3-4 years.

One person has decided to do a nursing degree instead as she sees no prospect of earning a living from working in complementary therapies.

A client of mine also did the course and she was told as she had a degree to expect to charge £50 upwards for a treatment. I asked her why would a client go to her for a £50 massage when they could get similar from me for £30? I don't know if clients would be particularly bothered if you had a degree in the subject or not.

there are a couple of geeks that are doing the course so maybe they can answer more in depth.
thanks for your reply hippy chick, hopefully they will see this post :)

fran x
I have a friend doing the comps course at the moment. She has just completed her first year. She is enjoying it and did it to become more confident in reflexology more than anything. I know she has had to do a fair amount of research for her assignments, Reflexology she was told she could use any routine but the aroma has to be the uni routine. she is doing the foundation degree and still debating whether to do the top up year to make it honours.
any geeks on here doing this at Napier in edinburgh?

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