Has anyone trained with The Beauty Academy?


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............trained with www.thebeautyacademy.org or www.uktraining-solutions.co.uk/about-us/
If so do you recommend?


I trained with them last year on practical courses and I'm currently studying for my NVQ through them!

I really enjoyed my courses and felt I'd learned a lot. I certainly have made very good business for myself since learning with them. I will go back for my assessments when I've finished my course work.

I trained in Birmingham with 3 different ladies on different courses. Where are you looking at going too and what courses would you like to do?

They also offer a free course training session again in 30 days of your last if you don't feel satisfied!

Good luck xx
I did the NVQ with them in 2014 they were really good a lot of written work and portfolio building. Only problem I had was that my written exam and 3 days practical exams were in Manchester and were 4 full days in total. Other than that I was really happy with the course, tutors were really nice xx
I think just want to do a simple manicure course and then learn gel varnish.

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