Has anyone used Coco White?


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Apr 25, 2015
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As the topic says has anyone used this teeth whitener or know anyone who has?
I've used it personally but it didn't give good results for me unfortunately ....made no difference at all x
Are they all the same just different flavours? X
I'm not sure to be honest I ordered the light lemon I think the strengths the same just the flavours are different but I could be wrong [emoji85].....sorry not much help x
Isn't it just ordinary coconut oil in a posh packet? Sorry to jump in the thread. Was just wondering x
I don't know tbh just seen it and wondered if anyone had used it and seen results or not! C
It is just coconut oil with flavourings like peppermint. If you look up oil pulling you can read about all the benefits. I've been making my own with natural flavourings and I've noticed a huge difference in dental health. I feel like there has been an improvement in whiteness but I don't know if that's just wishful thinking:rolleyes:
I use them it is basically oil pulling but I like to have the flavours I have noticed a difference since using them
Will have to look into then thank you girls

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