Having a boss V being a boss ??


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Oct 14, 2006
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Hi Geekeks:)
What do you think about working for yourself (home based, mobile,etc) and working for someone else (salon,spa etc) ??

Has anyone had any bad experiences with either?

Which do you prefer?
Which are you doing at the moment? Are you happy?

Hey gemmamarie

I have been employed (not in a salon but in a bank) and am now self employed with my own salon on the high street.

There is no way on this earth I would ever go back to being employed by someone else!

I LOVE being my own boss :green: no one to ask if I want to go shopping, no one to arrange holidays with, no one to tell me im not allowed to have a coffee when I want one - its just fantastic.

The only thing is - its not all roses. lol - you have to have sooo much self discipline. If you are not strict with yourself things can easily slip.
From another point of view - I have just come through the worst drought of work, I've known. This means that my wages were at times zero £. I work for myself and rent a room and whilst I love the no boss part, I would have preferred to have been paid atleast minimum wage for the last 3 weeks!!

There are pros & cons to both. Also working in a salon gives you great experience.

It's the best decision I've ever made going alone setting up salon - as the others have said tho there's always highs :)& lows:( - I find myself not being able to switch off after becoming my own boss, Im constantly looking for ideas to better the business, Im online ordering late at night coz there is no time by day - doing the accounts/stock checks/ wages for staff etc & when im on hols I never really chill out as Im worried all is ok at salon:) - where as when you work for someone you switch off after you leave at 5!! - but hey I would never go back x

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