Having colour correction-looking for best dark browns


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Oct 30, 2013
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Ripley, Derbyshire (Mobile)
Hi there,

I am a hair extension technician and wanted some opinions on colours.

I am going to a salon for colour correction and so I am not asking for how tos etc, just looking at which colour house to go for. I am currently a Goldwell 2N (black) but have only had 2 applications that I did myself, before this i was pillar box red and so my black fades very quickly.

I want to go to a nice dark brown as I feel black is getting a bit harsh on me as I get older :(

My question really is about which colour house to use; around by me there are a few decent salons for colour correction and they use various colour houses but I would like some opinions on browns that stay without too much fade as my red does tend to come through and I would like to go for my duration of extensions (usually 2 - 2 1/2 months max for me due to shedding) without colouring.

Just going to attach a pic of the kind of colour I would like so that I can make a better decision on which salon to go to. I would eventually like some balayage but my hairs way off that length atm so its just a nice base I would like to work on first.

Hope that makes sense! Any suggestions would really be appreciated.


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