HD brow price increase!


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Jan 19, 2014
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really upset,I've finally managed to get the money together to train with HD brows,it's taken me well over a year and I ring to book in this morning ..... Well they've put there prices up by nearly £500!! Fuming .now I cannot afford the extra £500 so where does that leave me?! So upset
Have a look at some other companies hun flirties do the precision brow course which is the seven steps, hell of a lot cheaper course trainers up and down the country some doing one to one training and the kits you get are fabby. [emoji106][emoji106]
I had exactly the same problem. I'm now looking at Hi Brow (the company that does Lash Perfect). Seems like a good alternative.I was really looking forward to doing HD but the price is now ridiculous. It may be worth waiting to see if they bring the price down as I don't think they'll get many bookings. Although as a company I've been completely put off by their greed and arrogance. Xx
Hi is anyone booked on the HD course in Milton Keynes for April? I am and wondered where everyone is staying? Would be nice to have chat with girls on same course x
I choose Hi Brow instead as there are so many HD Brow stylists in my area and I like to be different! The workstation is fab and they have retail displays/products that are very good and sell well X
Aw really. I'm torn but I feel hd brow brand sells well x
I'm sure there is 20% odd on some of the training just now x
Hey what does everyone think about the new hd brow logo? I'm slightly worried now as the name was hd brow now if I train here. Surely clients Will just think it's another copy of hd brow ? Like hi brow etc ?

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