Healing after acrylic nails?


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Nov 9, 2013
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Hi, this is my first time posting in this forum. Sorry if this is too long.

I've recently taken off acrylic nails after having them for about 2-3 years. I have had take them off 4 times in the last 4 months. (Normal salon closed down, trying new/terrible places)

Each time to remove them, they would just cut off the tips and literally pry the acrylic off my nails, leaving them very weak and damaged, even sore to touch sometimes.

I'm not using acrylic anymore and want my nails to grow and get stronger.

I've tried a few different nails hardeners, but they seem to damage my nails more - am I using bad products? Or doing something wrong?

People tell me to try shellac but I've heard removal can cause damage too? I've only ever had it over acrylics or on my toes.

I've also started taking hair & nail growth tablets from the chemist. Do these work?

Any other tips on healing damaged nails after removing acrylics would be greatly appreciated?
Sounds like your doing all the right things- Use cuticle oil twice a day, take supplements, by nail treatments and basically patiently wait for the damage to grow out- it will go just give it time!
Omg .... So none of the salons soaked off your acrylics off properly at all ... ???
That's sooo bad ... !!!

You'll just have to be patient for them to grow,
but I would recommend you use ...
OPI Nail Envy Strengthener which is really amazing ... You apply a coat each day for 7-10 days (then take it off / and again then reapply for 7-10days) can also be used as a base coat .... Combined with a cuticle oil used daily you will soon see an improvement ... Xxxx

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I'm trying to nurse my nails back to health too.
Vertical splits, weak, thin etc.
I'm doing soak off gel overlays to add strength and then Gelish. The splits are growing out and I have a little length on them too. I use cuticle feed on them all the time too.
I can't believe salons get away with this behaviour it is getting more & more common! I can only imagine the damage they have caused to your nails removing them this way. Did they never soak them off?

Like previous poster has already said, you are doing all you can. Personally, i wouldn't put anything on damaged nails whether it is acrylic or shellac, especially if they are as damaged as they would be after having acrylic pulled off. Keep them short & natural for now & along with taking vitamins & plenty of cuticle oil, you should see a difference.

Hope the dreadful experience you've had hasn't put you off acrylics xx
I've worked with a lot of clients like this over the last year. I'm no nail expert / lashes is my thing but if your nails are painful and sore I would want to cover them to protect them:
However unless they are open wounds etc then I would let them grow out naturally.

With my clients I had assessed the nails for suitability and was able apply to apply l&p over the thin nails, making sure nails were squeaky clean so no chance of infection on the damaged nail.
We did infills every two weeks, and after after a few months we safely removed them to beautiful nails that we could then shellac.

Some people may disagree but I found it protected my clients already damage nail, prevented infection on these unhealthy nails and all in all did the job.

These ladies were told to use their solar oil religiously too and it worked,

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