heatable neck wrap use?


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Apr 3, 2010
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Hi all, I've got a heatable neck wrap (cranberry from Bodyshop) and am just wondering how/if i could incorporate into treatments as it is really lovely.

The only thing i can think of so far is on the back of the neck during back massage or pedicures??

I also have the cranberry booties too so was thinking i could use those too instead of my normal heated booties

any thoughts please
Hi, is this like a wheat bag or cherry bag that you microwave? (im sorry i dont go in body shop i find the smells too strong)

If so i have a friend that actually does a dry massage with hers, does a neck and shoulder massage during facials, and also uses 2 to start a luxury treatment, laying 1 either side of the spine and again gently massaging.

I use a cherry bag to warm some crystals that i use for massage.

other than that the only other things i can think of off the top of my head would be to use as a heated rest during manicures or pedicures. HTH xx
I use a heated wheat bag pressed up against the feet in winter.
You can also lie their feet on top for reflexology.
I also place it over the solar plexus.

Like the idea of using it to heat the crystals up.

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