Help, allergic reaction to lash extensions!


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Jan 28, 2021
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New York
Hi Everyone!
I am new here, hope everyone is staying safe during these times!

I am in need of help D:

I am a certified lash technician. I received my certification February 2020. I began to lash same month, 3 months later I wasn't able to finish a full set without feeling sick to my stomach. (Flu like symptoms, coughing, severe nasal congestion, unable to breathe). I did test for COVID and came back negative. I stopped lashing of course until I got better. It took about a week for me to get better and once i did I went and started doing lashes again. Unfortunately I was right back to the flu like symptoms. I took yet again another break and the symptoms went away. I tried getting my own lashes done 2x different technicians different glue's, my eyes did not swell up or anything BUT i did get the flu like symptoms both times. (Terrible summer I had, its okay to laugh). I have attempted everything. Air purifier, mask, glasses and nothing. I asked my doctor if it was the glue and we did a patch test and i was not irritated by it. but i did give my body a break from the fumes and everything else.

Fast forward to today, I am trying once again to do lash extensions, and I would love recommendations for glue's any of you think would not give me such a bad reaction? I did try putting on 3 lashes with the current glue I have as a "test" on my own eyes to see if i react to it, i didnt have a reaction but i am afraid maybe its the fumes of the glue's i am currently using.

If any Lash Artist has a glue they use that they can recommend that wont give me a bad reaction it is greatly appreciated!
It’s not the brand of glue but the chemicals within the glue that is the problem.

I think you need to step away from the lashes, at least until you’ve been properly tested by an allergy specialist and you learn exactly which chemical substances you are allergic to. I’m really surprised your GP didn’t refer you for further testing to be honest. When I got tested, I had to have lots of tiny dots of chemicals applied to my back and return to the hospital twice within 5 days for analysis. When the testing was complete I was given a list of chemicals to avoid.

This is really important. A lot of the substances used in lash glues and nail enhancements are used in the field of medicine from dentistry, dialysis, implants, healing surgical wounds etc. If you over expose your body to these substances now and your reactions intensify, you could find your usual medical options severely reduced in the future.

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