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Jul 25, 2007
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I am English but I live in Turkey
To cut a long story short. I am English, been living in Turkey for nearly 3 years but have now met a fabulous hairdresser here and we both want to move back to the UK in a year to start a business.

Apart from the obvious red tape we will have to cross because he is Turkish please could somebody give me some general advice about hairdressing and business. Also I doubt it very much but if anybody has ever met a foreign partner and moved back to the UK any advice there would be good too.

What is the best way to start in England. I know I am English but I have never been involved in the hairdressing business before. Is it better to rent a chair (how much could you earn doing this) or is it better to try and rent your own shop if funds permit.

How much would it be to rent a decent sized salon in the Norfolk area for example, running costs etc. Also what would the average earnings be. We would like to work the main part of the year in England and then leave the shop to be run whilst we visit family in Turkey.

Any advice you can give me as to WHERE on earth to start and also monetary things especially would be greatly appreciated.


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