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Feb 29, 2016
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I have a client who had level 2 roots and really light ends. However she wanted to get rid of the dark roots so her hair was all the same colour. I used Blondor & 12% on her roots along with Olaplex. It left a gold halo all the way round her head..her roots were light & the ends were light but the mid lengths were ginger. I've since used Blondor & 12% another twice and this halo still won't budge...Can anyone give me any suggestions & advice on what I'm doing wrong and how to help?
How many times has she had base 2 applied? And what length is her hair to get a timeline of history x
Just the once she had level 2 applied & that was 4 months ago, her hair is really quite long. The condition of her hair is great Aswell. I just can't figure out why the mid lengths won't budge it's about a 2inch band all the way round. Really frustrating cos the rest of her hair is a beautiful colour
When you say the roots have lifted lovely. Is that where it was Virgin hair. And then the warm halo is the base2 area. As the ends where lighter. Have you got any Magibond. It is literally the most amazing stuff ever invented. Put some in you lightener and the hair will lift and be better condition than when you started. And just do the band area again. X
And 12% on the roots is very high. That is going to lift lighter than the mid lengths xxxx
Oh sorry just re read you used olaplex xxx
Yeah roots were virgin own fault I should have used a milder % on the roots. I'll try again with Blondor and 12% just on the halo band. Fingers crossed it works this time
Fingers crossed. Let me know how you go. What toner did you use x
I used colour touch relights 86 & colour fresh 8/81. I'm new to wella so still trying to figure it all out.
Oh I haven't used Wella in years. I didn't like how it made clients hair feel. Although I have got my MCA through them x

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