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Aug 16, 2013
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Hi there,

I have two clients who are having problems with their nails where they are becoming really dry especially at the ends and their shellac is wearing away very quickly and then lifting off so they are only getting up to around 10 days before it lifts off.
One client we are now doing a course of IBX to see if that helps. The other lady we put protein bond over the whole nail last tine and she has just messaged to say she is going to give shellac a break for a few weeks as her shellac has come off again and her nails are so dry. It's more along the free edge, like lines running across the nail.
They both use cuticle oil regularly.
Is there anything else I can do for these ladies as I've ran out of ideas!! Thanks :) x
Here is a pic of one of my ladies (the one who isn't having ibx) they just break all the time, she is a head teacher so nothing too strenuous on her nails job wise.
Would rescue rxx help? Any help would be appreciated x


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It is possibly damage from removal? The 2nd pic doesn't look like a regular user of cuticle oil....
When you say lifting off, do you mean lifting at an edge rather than the whole lot coming off in one go? My guess would be that if this is the case, then your clients are then pulling / picking the remaining gel off which is then damaging the nail. (Delamination)

Not sure what the answer is though I'm afraid as it is often impractical for clients to get a removal appt as soon as one nail starts to peel (whether at 10 days or more), and so they end up picking the remaining stuff off! And then they say that their nails have been damaged by gel! Vicious circle....
This seems more like damage than dryness, but it's hard to tell from the pics.
Yes I think she does tend to end up picking them off once they start to lift. She wears away the free edge so they start to lift from the front and in this case I'm pretty sure she has picked them off.
Maybe I'll suggest she gets some acetone and wraps herself so once they start lifting she can remove them correctly.

It's so hard to get clients not to pick but I think you are right it's a vicious circle!!

And she swears she's using solar oil regularly!!
Just to add this, I just asked her and she removed them correctly this time but has in the past picked them off, so do you think it's old damage that just needs to grow out??
I've had good results with IBX for this sort of problem.
This looks like damage of the nail plate. She really should be doing IBX treatments as well, is there a reason she's not?
And she swears she's using solar oil regularly!!

A lot of my clients tell porkies. They BUY the oil but I can see they barely use it.

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