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Jan 18, 2012
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Dublin, Ireland
Hi girls I am very new to nail geek. Have been a hair geek for a while. Reading your posts and the passion and creativity that come through your posts inspired me to get the ball rolling on my ' one day ill do a nail course' ideas

So I've just sat my l&p exams theory practical and case studies. Im hoping I've passed I should gave the results this week :O

So my question is I have enough saved ATM that I could now also afford to a gel enhancement course is it worth it? Like should I have my two beginner certs under my belt and work on building my experience on both services? Or just concentrate on the l&p and build myself up to be good at Riis???

Any advice much appreciated x
Anyone??? I mean this not Riis x
Personally I would do the enhancement courses, if only to show you've done it.

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