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Jan 24, 2016
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Im 30 now and seem to be having a return of acne all of a sudden on my face, thought by now I would have grown out of it but no it returns. Does anybody have any hints or tips to help?
There are lots of different reasons for outbreaks, you have to track down what's causing yours and create a skincare routine to stop it from happening. What do you currently use for skincare and what make up do you use? Also have you had any recent changes in health, or started taking medication, supplements etc?
Alpha h liquid gold is my holy grail product it's amazing I can't recommend it enough xx
I'm also 30 and my skin just wasn't healing for months and I was getting really down. I eventually went to GP and I apparently had an infection in my face and was prescribed an antibiotic cream Within 2 nights it was dramatically improved and within a week it was completely back to normal. Might be worth a docs visit for yourself.......
That sounds like adult acne which is usually hormonal because female hormone levels begin to taper off around 30 and human growth hormones begin to drop.
i would recommend the following:

1. visit to the doctor just to rule out anything, as sometimes your skin will be trying to tell you about your internal health
2. cleanse with a face wash with salicylic acid like Una Brennan superfacialist
3. exfoliate - either with diamond microdermabrasion or a gentle peel (not the microbeads)
4. drink lots of water (obvious one but essential)
5. get a skin analysis (love a Visia) and find out your skins needs etc, i would use 2 serums high in antioxidants like vitamin C
6. use LED therapy to treat and get rid of your acne - either go to a salon for a treatment or a home use device - we specialize in this so let me know if you need any help with how LED therapy works.
7. change up your skincare (if you're not already) - you now need to be using more effective skincare based on vitamins, antioxidants etc - i like the brands skincueticals or la roche posay

Hope this helps, if you need any more advice to let me know

Best Regards,

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