Help I am becoming a Ginger Nut


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Mar 18, 2009
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Norfolk, UK
Hi there , hope I can get some advice, My hair is naturally a mousy blonde and I used to highlight or color it quite blonde. Earlier this year decided to put a Pure darke blonde Loreal Sublime Mousse in. It came out Ok but I have a real Ginger hue to it. I hate being a carrot top as my complexion doesnt go well with the hair color and would love to know how to get rid of the red. I want to be a dark ash blonde but I always end up Ginger. I know I should go to a salon but what can I say, have done my own for so long.

Any advice please

Thanks in advance.
Going to a salon is the only sure way,if you knew what you was doing (ie how to correct it) you wouldn't be on here asking, we are here for a reason :) hths and sorry if it isn't the response you wanted.
Well as you said, I dont know what I am doing, hence asking on here. Just thought I would ask first but tbh I dont have much faith in my local salons, and I always end up coming out with a hairstyle that I cant wait to get home to comb it and try to make it look better. I am 48 and dont want the teenage hairstyles that they seem to want to sell me. ( does that mean that I look young enough to look good with the style I end up with ? LOL ) Thanks anyway. I might have to go in to the city and see someone in a big name salon.
could you ask your friends for a recommendation for a hairdresser? or if you see someone with good hair in the supermarket ask them who they go to!! the more you keep trying to sort it the more damage that will be don hon, hth xxx

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