Help! I need advice to take my bleached, golden hair to a cool, dark blonde


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Nov 20, 2015
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Hi everyone! I'm not a professional but I am seeking professional advice on how to deal with my hair color. Right now my hair is now a flat, gold toned blonde with no dimension or depth of color. Last year, I bleached my hair from a dark brown and toned and all was well. After lightening my regrowth , my hair has been very uneven and brassy in tone. The ends are a more beige blonde color which I like, but my roots are much more golden. I feel like my hair also has a greenish sheen to it in some lighting.
Here is a an album of my hair:
My natural hair color is a dark, ashy blonde (a 6.5/7) and I'd like to make that the base of my hair again.
I would like the tone of my hair to be something like this.
I'm good with going blonde and highlighting, but I'm unsure of the best way to get to the ashy light brown/dark blonde from the color I have now? I just don't want it to look khaki and flat or golden at all. All advice is appreciated :)
My advice would be to to to a professional to get it done that way you don't end up getting a gold band around your hair, it's very hard to highlight your own hair and do it properly!
I'm sorry but it's against forum rules to give non pros chemical DIY advice

The only thing we can suggest has already been recommended, get a reputable hairdresser or colourist to do it for you.

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