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Mar 10, 2010
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I have been asked by a good friend of mine if I would do a kids nail party for her daughter who will be 11. I am completely new to all this and have not got a clue what to charge, what to do to keep them entertained and do I provide party bags - if so what goes in them. She has sprung this on me as she wants the party on the 24th October - the weekend after next. I don't want to let her down but have gone into panic mode. I haven't even had my first paying client yet, never mind doing a party. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I am, to put it as politely as I can, crapping myself. :rolleyes:
Fear not!

I do quite a few of these. Usually charge whatever the going rate is for a file & polish...if it were me doing one and it was just fingernail file & polish I'd charge £6 per child and make their nails look v.pretty with a bit of nail art/gems or stickers if nail art isn't your thing. The price then goes up depending on which treatments they'd like.

If they're looking for party bags there are some places on the internet you can get them ready made.

The parties are great fun and the girls are usually really pleased to have their nails done...also once one has set the trend they all want one so make sure you business cards go into the bags!:green:
The ones I do include minx on big toes (usually pink cheetah) other toes painting and then glitter tattoos. I also do a file and cuticle oil on fingers with a splash of cream. For this it is a minimum of 10 kids at £10 each, if party bags are wanted then they are an additional £2 per child. Whilst I am doing this I have a competition for them to design a nail, keeps them entertained whilst waiting. The prize is a polish dryer that is a monkey :) costs £3 on eBay.
Make sure you do a consent form for parents to sign in advance and if doing party bags put a business card inside!
I would like to do this too! I think its a good idea to limit their options and give them say 4 or 5 choices. and do them on a colour wheel or have photos. I polished my 11 year old niece's nails pink with some white Konad Butterflies and a gem on the thumb. she loved it :)

party bags should be easy enough, cheap patterned nail files, mini bottle of polish, lip gloss maybe? I would have a price say £6 each or £10 each with party bag and give the mother the choice.

hth x
Thanks for your replies. She says there are 16 girls coming - so I am really panicking now. She wants party bags, which is fine because I can then put a business card in them, but does anybody know where I can get cheap varnishes and files from. I have found websites that do filled girls party bags for about £1.50 but thought that something nail related should go in as well. I think I will just do a polish and then a bit of nail art or sticker on the thumb, and perhaps do something a bit more special for the brithday girl. Any thoughts. x

Have a look at the link below, this seller always has job lots of nail polish, not good brands granted, but when they work out at approx 30p per bottle you can't go wrong for kids party bags. I buy these on behalf of the PTA for my son's school fair, I charge £2.00 for nail painting, the child gets to keep the bottle of polish, and I get £1.70 clear profit for the school PTA funds.

Also in Quality save today, I picked up some 'Nail Care Sets' comprising of a pair of toe seperaters, mini nail brush, 2 nail files and 2 orange sticks for 19p. I bought them to use when doing Hollywood/Glitterball toes, but they would be ideal as a party bag filler.

Hope this helps.

Carole x

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