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Apr 4, 2011
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South Yorkshire
i have been mobile for around a year now and i have now decided to drop some treatments as i have done either none or very few of them and iv decided not to invest in any more product as it has been a waste of money.
i am now going to do new price lists and business cards

i have mini business cards from
im now thinking to have normal business cards with a loyalty stamp on the back? and just my logo and details on the front.

and im thinking to have my price list half the size of a4, all the prices on the back and i dont know about the front, my logo and details?
i will do a leaflet drop with these :)

any ideas or anything anyone?
Hi there

I just made my business cards and leaflets from vista print, put my logo and details on the front of business card then a loyalt card on the back then leaflets I used one of there templates with someone lying on a beach with a tan and on the back I had my prices and info with logo xxxx

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